Chapter One

“It’s 5AM, its time to get up!”

My face was partially buried in my pillows with the covers almost completely pulled over my head. There was just enough of my face peeking out so that I could open my eyes and see the blurred image of a bobble-headed man bouncing on top of a clock, his arms spread wide and his blond plastic hair forever motionless as he bounced back and forth, the added visual of the wide grin he displayed made him look like a cheesy talk show host.  

“It’s 5AM, its time to get up!”

The talking alarm was a cruel joke from my mother, she had a very twisted sense of humor. It’s one of the last things she gave me before she passed away last year. If it wasn’t for that I think I would have taken a hammer to it by now. Probably not, in reality my mom loved these little things. It brought a smile to her face every time she saw some little gizmo like this. I was always amazed at the various things in the world that made her laugh. Stuff that you and I would never even consider funny, she found down-right hilarious, and her laugh was infectious, which meant you couldn’t help but laugh at it too, even though you initially didn’t find it funny.

I remember when she gave me this clock, she made me plug it in and set the alarm off. When he started talking she giggled and clapped her hands like a little kid. You couldn’t help but smile and laugh at the site. She had a way of bringing out the humor in every little thing.

I reluctantly threw the covers off and walked over to the clock, looking at it grimly and wanting to smash its fat little head into a broken pile of plastic, but instead I pointed my middle finger at it then thumped the top of it’s head. This canceled the alarm and reset it for the next day. As I walked back over to my bed I could hear my dad clomping around downstairs getting ready for the day. “Dammit” I said under my breath, I knew he would be calling to wake me up next.

“Mikey, time to get up!” my dad yelled up the staircase.

I knew that was coming. “I’m up, give me a moment”, I shouted back down to him. I learned long ago that if I didn’t respond right away his next course of action was to come upstairs, even though he could tell I was up and moving around. He hates climbing the stairs, so that would mean he would start the day annoyed and find me the hardest or nastiest job he could as punishment. When my mom was alive she shielded me from some of that nonsense, she had a way with my dad. He would have given her the moon if he could. Now, he’s just cold.

I threw my work clothes on and headed downstairs, it’s a daily ritual, one that has become increasingly more annoying since my mother passed away. Annoying because there’s no joy in it anymore. I used to come downstairs and see my mom’s smiling face and my dad trying desperately to read the paper while my mom tried to tell him some kind of joke she heard. It was like a game every morning to try and get my dad to smile, I don’t think my mom ever realized that all she had to do was look at him, that made him smile every time.  Now every morning is the same, I get up, my dad yells at me from the bottom of the stairs, I yell back then I throw my clothes on and head down for breakfast, it’s almost like I’m stuck in that movie with the Groundhog guy and his day just repeats and repeats.

I came down the steps and could smell breakfast as soon as I hit the bottom. Eggs, Bacon, Toast and Coffee permeated the air and in my opinion it’s probably one of the best smells in the world.

I walked into the Kitchen and saw my dad standing at the counter. Thomas McConnell was the poster child for Kansas Farmers. He was a little over six feet tall and had that typical farmers build to him, although you could tell he was getting old,  he had a slight gut developing that was starting to make the overalls that he’s worn for as long as I can remember a little tight in the mid section. Like I said, every morning was the same, he was always standing at the counter with toast in one hand and coffee in the other reading the Aggro section of the paper. He was wearing another of my mom’s funny gifts, a Truckers hat that said “Born Farming” on it. He got it for his birthday a few years before my mom passed. He swore to her that he would never wear it. A week after she passed he put it on and now wears it every day. The image was so Norman Rockwell it was almost not funny.

“Mornin Pa!” I said sarcastically as I walked through the kitchen and headed right to the food.

“You know I hate it when you do that” replied my father without even looking up.

I fixed me a plate and sat at the table. There was a popular Science and a few letters already at the table where I usually sit. I set the letters aside, figuring I would get to them eventually. I already knew what they were anyway, decline letters from various colleges. Like the other 4 that were sitting on my desk upstairs. One from Kansas State, one from Oklahoma State, one from Wichita State and one from MIT. The one from MIT was the only one I sent in myself and I already opened it. It was a very nice letter telling me that I was not of the intellectual caliber that they required. In other words, you’re to dumb to come play with us and our toys. My Aunt Rita sent the others off after I told her about the MIT letter. She told me not to give up and I told her that MIT was the only place I wanted to go. My mom was so proud that I wanted to be a scientist, when I got the rejection letter I was crushed. I told my Aunt Rita that I was so glad that my Mom wasn’t around to see the rejection letter so I didn’t have to see the disappointment on her face. My Aunt Rita said she was glad my mom wasn’t around because she would have had to bail her out of jail after she went to MIT to beat up an admissions clerk in an attempt to get you into school. At the time I was too devastated to find the humor in it. Now I look back at that conversation and smile, because it’s true. My Mom was just like that.  

I shuffled through the rest of the mail and settled on the Popular Science magazine. This months article was on the Hadron Collider and the potential end of the world. Last month it was about the rise of artificial intelligence and how it would bring about the end of the world and the month before that it was about fracking, its dangers and how it would bring about the end of the world. I’m sensing a consistent theme.

“Hurry up, we need to head out to the south field today. Mr. Thompson said that damned bull of his crashed through the fence again. I swear, one day I’m gonna shoot that thing and feed the town steaks”. My father and Mr. Thompson have had a long running feud around that bull. This isn’t the first time it’s crashed through our fence. However, there is a current truce between them, as long as Mr. Thompson pays for the damages.

“No problem dad, let me fill the thermos with the rest of the coffee and we can go”. I said as I was finishing a paragraph about nanorobotics and how they will either revolutionize the world or destroy it. I took my eggs and bacon and mashed them between the toast, then walked to the counter and poured the rest of the coffee in the big green thermos that my Aunt Rita left out for us.

My Aunt Rita was my Mom’s sister. She moved here when my mom got sick to help us out. She lives down the drive at what used to be the farm hands house. While my mom was sick she helped with all of the household duties like cooking, cleaning and laundry. After my mom died she stayed and continued with all of those duties. Honestly, if it wasnt for her, I think I would have already starved in clothes that hadn’t been washed since my mom died in a house that hadn’t been cleaned in about the same amount of time.

As I turned to head out the door I noticed that my dad was already in the truck and had the motor running “dam he’s quick” I said to myself as I kicked the door shut with my foot. By the time I got to the passengers side of the truck I had crammed the rest of my breakfast into my mouth, I had not fully thought this through as I was shoving my face full of food. I sat in the truck with the thermos at my feet, looked over at my dad and tried to smile. Thats when I realized that I didn’t have any room to move my mouth and chew. I knew that in order to make room I was going to have to swallow a large piece of unchewed food which was going to hurt. I took a deep breath through my nose, managed to section off a chunk of food and then swallowed. The toast had encapsulated the eggs and bacon and made a scratchy sensation as it traveled down my throat. I looked over to my dad with my cheeks still stuffed with food and a somewhat pained expression on my face, my dad was staring at me and just shook his head as we drove off to the south field.

On the way I managed to choke down the food and suck up a few cups of coffee. I was on my last cup of coffee when we turned down the road to the south field. It was all washed out and bumpy and it made drinking difficult. I kept trying to get the cup to my mouth to take a drink but the road would either cause the hot coffee to splash on me or I would look like a complete idiot trying to move with the motion of the truck and match the bounce. I glanced over and could see my dad smiling, he so loved to torture me. I decided that the only way I was going to finish this coffee was to just slam it. so I did, and immediately regretted it. The burning of the hot fluid in my mouth was almost too much to bare, but when I swallowed, which was the worst part. It moved slowly through me and felt like I had swallowed hot lava that was setting my insides on fire. I tried to keep my composure so that I didn’t give my father the satisfaction of knowing I was in pain. But the look on his face told me that he already knew and was enjoying every minute of it.

As we pulled up to the entrance of the field we could see Brutus grazing out in the middle of it. “Dammit, Mr. Thompson told me he would have that beast out of here”, my dad said while slapping his hat on his thigh. He got worked up over the littlest things.

“Don’t worry dad, Brutus likes me. Just give me a minute and I’ll get him back to his side”. I told my dad as I was already crawling under the fence.

“Mikey, wait!” I could hear my father shout behind me. I waved my hand in the air and kept on going. The last thing I wanted was to have him and Mr. Thompson face to face.

I walked over to Brutus who was content in his grazing. I put my hand gently on his side and slowly walked towards his head. He looked up at me and gave a snort and shook his head to disperse the flies that had collected.

“Hey buddy” I said to him softly. “Why don’t we take a walk back to your side of the fence. I really don’t want to be out here all day”. He looked up at me and gave another snort.

I reached down and grabbed the ring on his nose and he gave a little tug but stopped and held his head up looking right at me, “It’s okay buddy, I’m not going to hurt you”, I gently touched the side of his head making sure he was calm. I pulled him by the ring and lead him back to the fence line and then back over to his side. I found a rope tied to a pole and ran it around the ring and tied it in a knot to keep him still. There was a good size grass patch for him to feed on long enough for us to mend the fence.

As I walked back to our side of the fence I could see that my dad was already upset. he was pulling the tools out of the truck and knocking everything around. “What’s your problem” I said as I walked up to the truck. “Nothing, lets get this done” he replied. You could tell by the tone of his voice that he was angry. I couldn’t tell if it was at Mr. Thompson for not moving Brutus or at me for doing it for him.

The next four hours were silent, except for the occasion when my dad needed to instruct me to do something, and then it was just unpleasant. Brutus always broke through the same part of the fence, so this time we mended the fence by setting four large poles in concrete. Once they set, Brutus would have a hard time getting through this part again. As I loaded the tools I noticed my dad writing something down on a piece of paper.

“Here, go let Brutus free and give this to Mr. Thompson, I’ll pick you up by the road and we can go into town for supplies”, my father threw his arm out with the piece of paper folded in his hand, he didn’t even bother to look at me.

I snatched the paper out of his hands and walked towards the fence and let Brutus free. The first thing he did was walk over to the area we just mended and look around. He let out a big grunt and started to tap his foot. “Sorry buddy, you’re not going through there again”, I said and continued walking up to the house.

As I got to the front door I could hear my dads truck pull up to the end of the drive, he had owned that beat up Ford since he was in High School and refused to get rid of it. It was missing the muffler so you could hear it for miles out here. I decided to just put the piece of paper in the door, knock and run off but I took a peek to see what it said first.  “$200.00 this time asshole” it read, Man, my dad can be a jerk.

I ran back to the truck and just jumped in the back. As I landed he took off, not waiting for me to get settled. It was a 45 min drive into town and I figured he could use the time to himself.


I was laying down in the back of the truck and could hear people talking as we passed them rolling into the little town of Cherry Kansas. I sat up and took a look around as my dad pulled into a parking spot in front of Miller’s Hardware. Across the street were three Military Humvees parked in front of the Court House. Standing in front of the doors were two armed soldiers as well as a couple of armed Soldiers next to the Humvees.

“Whats with the armed guard” I said waving my arm in the direction of the courthouse. My dad stepped out of the truck and stood there for a brief moment looking not at the guards but at all of the onlookers. “Don’t these people have jobs to get to”, he said as he turned and went into the store.

Thats my dad, head in the sand. If he doesn’t acknowledge it exists then it doesn’t exist. I decided I had better get in the store and help before he got upset again and decided that we needed to do something rash, like tear down the old hay shack in the far north field.

As I walked in the store I could see Stephanie Miller standing behind the counter. “He’s in the back with my dad, he’s in a fine mood today, what’d you do?” she said to me in her teeny sarcasm.

Stephanie Miller was Mr. Millers only daughter. Because of that his wife home schooled her every other day. On the off days she worked in her father’s Hardware store. Everything she knew about society she learned from the internet. So in my opinion, she’s a pretty messed up kid.

“Shouldnt you be in school” I shot back.

“Off day dork” she retorted.

I kept on walking and avoided any more confrontation with the little urchin. As I got closer to the stockroom I could hear my dad talking to Mr. Miller. I slowed down to listen and I could here they were talking about the military guys across the street.

“I don’t know what’s going on, they showed up early this morning and have been there all day” Mr. Miller said.

“It doesnt make sense, there is nothing out here but farms. Why would they be out here”, my dad replied.

“Maybe they’re going to build a new base and our little town won the military lottery” Mr. Miller said. He was always looking at the silver lining in things.

“No, thats not it, just keep your head down and let me know if anything else happens”, my dad looked around and I could see Mr. Miller give him a nod yes.                        

I backed up and leaned against the wall and waited for my dad to walk out. “I’m over here” I said as he stepped out of the door.

“Lets go, our stuff is around back waiting for us”, my dad said and walked off.

I walked past the urchin and held my palm up in front of her face. I could here her stick her tongue out at me as I walked out.

When we got outside the Military guys were walking out of the building and back to their vehicles. I could see our towns Mayor, Thomas Mayer, standing on the steps with his arms crossed looking like he had just been scolded.

I always get a chuckle when I hear Mayor Mayer, he even used his name as his slogan, “Meyer for Mayor, I was born to be your Mayor”. It was cheesy but it worked he won the seat. My dad and him have been friends since they were kids so naturally my dad was one of his biggest supporters.  

My dad stopped and looked across the street at the Mayor. Since they were long time friends Mr. Mayer would often come out to the farm and talk shop with my dad. I glanced over and saw my Dad give a nod to the Mayor. I looked back in time to see Mr. Mayer shake his head no and give a weird hand signal with his two fingers. My dad noded again then got in the truck “Lets go” he said.

I didn’t argue, I got into the truck and didn’t say a word the rest of the trip. Something weird was going on and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to know what it was.

* * * * * * * *

We got home and unloaded the supplies which were far more than we usually get. I wasn’t sure why he ordered so much stuff this time but for some reason he felt the need to stock up. After putting everything away and doing a few other chores around the farm we went inside to get ready for dinner. There was a note on the counter from Aunt Rita that read, “Dinner is in the fridge. Set the oven to 375 Degrees and let it cook for 30 Minutes. Tell Mr. Mayer I said hello.”

What the hell, that woman is really starting to creep me out. How did she know he would be buy. I figured he called her and gave her a heads up so she could make enough food for everyone.

I looked inside the refrigerator and could see a casserole dish with my Aunts famous lasagna wrapped in saran wrap. Until I saw the food I wasn’t hungry at all, now all of a sudden I was starving and couldn’t wait to eat.

I turned around and saw that Aunt Rita had set out dishes, utensils and glasses for 5 people. “Who else is joining us?” I said out loud to no one but myself. “You need to get cleaned up, we have company coming tonight” my dad shouted from his room down the hall, I began to wonder how he knew that we were going to have company. I could already hear his shower going, which meant I didn’t have much time before all the hot water was gone.

I ran upstairs peeling off all of my dirty clothes and threw them into the hamper just inside my door. I bounced across the hall and turned on the shower. “Yes!” I said feeling the warm water, I was sure that I would have at least a few minutes of warm water before it all ran out. I grabbed a razor and the Shave Cream and jumped into the shower. The icy cold water took my breath away instantly. I stood there for a moment and acclimated to the temperature then started getting ready for tonights guest. All the while cursing under my breath that I never get a hot shower.

20 minutes later I was clean, shaved and ready for tonights mysterious guest, I put on my Sunday clothes and decided there was just nothing that I could do with my hair. My dad always said it was important to look your best when guest arrived because you never knew who they might bring. Then again, this was before my mom died and he told me that because he and mom were always trying to set me up with a nice girl that they approved of. Now he never invites anyone over, its just work, work, work, all the time.

When I came out of my room I stopped at the top of the stairs. I could hear people downstairs talking but couldn’t hear what they were saying. I thought about sneaking down the stairs to see if I could overhear something important but remembered that the third step from the bottom creaked when you stood on it and my dad had excellent hearing.

I decided the best approach was to come down the stairs making as much noise as I could. That way they knew I was coming and would stop talking about their secret things when I got to the bottom. Hopefully dad would have a few beers and fill me in later on what was going on.

I tromped down the stairs making sure to hit every step with my heels so the hard rubber made a resounding thunk sound as it hit the wood step. I got to the bottom and turned the corner to see my dad sitting on the couch, to the right of him leaned back in my mom’s old chair was the Military guy we saw earlier, Mr. Mayer was sitting on the loveseat opposite of him, then there was a man in a black suit standing by the entry to the room with his hands in his pockets leaning against the wall, not smiling, and finally a soldier with a very large gun standing in the  far corner, positioned so he could see everyone, the windows and the entry to the room. The sight froze me for a moment and I started to panic, I was starting to think that I was being drafted or my dad was enlisting me without my knowledge.

“Son, this is Major Andrew Goldham. He is here on…” my dad paused for a moment to find the words. I could tell then that all of this was a secrete and my dad hates secretes.

“He’s here on official business”, Mr. Mayer finally said, looking around the room and smiling and shaking his head like he wanted everyones approval. The Major just took a deep breath and turned back around to his coffee. “It’s nice to meet you sir” I said and held out my hand. Instead of the Major turning around the guy in the black suit grabbed my hand and shook it. “Agent Robert Betts, FBI”, he said as he vigorously shook my hand. “It’s nice to meet you” I replied and pulled my hand back from his sweaty palms,I couldn’t tell if they were sweaty because they were in his pockets or because he was nervous about something. From the vigorous hand shake I would say the latter.

Just then I heard the stove ding and decided that I would use that as an excuse to back out of the room. “It sounds like dinner is about ready. Give me a few minutes and let me check on it” I said as I was slowly backing up out of the room, it probably looked like I was going to make a break for it, I took one more quick look around at everyone who were all staring at me and then took off to the kitchen.

I got to the stove and pulled out the dish. Everything was hot and bubbly and smelled delicious. I heard some noise coming down the hall and saw the solder that was standing in the corner walk past me and out the back door. A few seconds later the rest of the people from the room came in and sat at the table. Aunt Rita had already set the plates and drinks on the table so all I had to do was bring the dish over. At a glance I could see that I wasn’t invited to sit at the big kids table and when I looked at my dad he nodded to the two plates on the far end of the counter. I assumed that the second was for the solder outside.

I put a big scoop of lasagna and bread on each of our plates then put the dish in the center of the table and the bread just to the right of the Mayors seat. I grabbed the plates and walked outside where the soldier was standing next to a big black SUV. I sat both plates down on the hood of the SUV then ran back in a grabbed our drinks. I took another quick look around and saw that they were still in conversation about whatever and the Mayor was telling the Major that they would cooperate in anyway necessary.

I quickly made my retreat and came back out to the soldier who was chowing down on his food like he dad not eaten in months.

“Mister, you better slow down before you choke” I shouted as I held out a glass for him. He looked up long enough to see the glass, snatch it and wash down the food. “Man, I haven’t seen anyone eat like that since the county fair two years ago”, he glanced over at me in the same way my dad does when he wants me to stop talking. I took the hint and started eating my dinner, just slower.

When he was done he sat the plate and glass down in front of me, wiped his face on his sleeve then walked back to the same spot he was at when I first saw him.

“Thank you for the food, it’s the best I have had in awhile” he finally said. “Sorry for eating it so fast, force of habit, you don’t get much time to eat in the military”. He took a moment and let out a big belch. “Plus, it may be the last…” he stopped in mid sentence and then just stood there. “Last what” I asked. “Nothing, it’s nothing, just never mind”, he replied, then went stone faced and just stood there facing the house.

I could see I wasn’t going to get anything out of him anymore so I decided that it was time to go back inside and see if I could overhear anything from the men inside.

I grabbed the plates and started walking to the door. As I reached the steps the door swung open and my dad was standing there with his hand out. “Give me the plates and go stay at your aunts tonight.” he said in that tone that meant, now is not the time to talk back to me.

“Fine” I said, I slapped the plates down in his hands and walked away without saying anything to him, behind me I could hear him let out a disappointed sigh and then slam the door. He could tell I wasn’t happy about this but I knew there was no way I was talking myself into my room or even in the house.

My aunt’s house was a ways away but there was a full moon out and it was a nice night. I took the long way around to her house because I needed the time to reflect on the day and try to figure out what was going on at our house. Why was the government so interested in our town and what did my dad have to do with it. The long way took me down around the west field and took me about an hour that put me at the back of my Aunts house. The short way was a small trail through the woods right next to my house and would have take me fifteen minutes.

I was about half way through the west field and could see the glow of my Aunts house lights at the top of the hill. As I started walking up I heard a loud crack that sounded like a gunshot in the distance but it was followed by a low rumble, almost like thunder. I looked around the field to see if I could see anything through the trees. The West field was at a higher elevation than the others so it gave me the vantage to look down on my house. The problem was, the view was obstructed by the trees that lined the road. I could only see the faint glow of the back porch light through the trees and nothing else. I was worried about my dad and was trying to decide if I should go back to check on him and see if he was in trouble with the Military guys, if he was what would I be able to do. As worry and panic set in I heard the rumble again, I could feel the wind pick up and all of the trees around me started to russell. I looked up to the sky to see if there was storm clouds rolling in that the weather man failed to report on, in Kansas we always got these freak storms that would roll in out of no where then mess everything up and roll out. My school science teacher told us once that it had to do with our proximity between the north and the south, that we sat in a bowl in  the middle of the zone where the cold air and warm air met and made it a perfect spot for storms to develop rapidly.

In the distance just above the horizon I could see a yellow flashing light, at first I thought it was a helicopter flying in for the Military guys but then I noticed the smoke trailing it. I focused on it a little more and moved myself around to the edge of the field to get a better look at it. Whatever it was looked to be getting brighter and brighter and bigger and bigger. As I watched a little more intently I noticed that the object was headed my way and within seconds it passed directly over my head. The shockwave pushed me off of my feet and took the wind out of me momentarily, my ears rang and for a moment I was so disoriented that I didn’t know which way was up.

As I gained focus and pushed myself to my feet I could hear the familiar sound of fire crackling in the far corner of the west field and took off running, with the season being so dry a field fire could be disastrous. I ran over the edge of the hill and saw a small object sticking in the ground. It was about the size of a basketball and looked to be made of a shiny metal, the impact carved a nice deep wedge into the ground and it had managed to stop just at the edge of the field.

I started slowly walking toward the object, curious to see what it was. I walked down the impact mark that way I could be right in front of it instead of trying to climb down the steep part of the crater.  I got within about 4 feet of the object and could feel the heat coming off of it. It wasn’t an overwhelming heat, more like the heat that emanates from an oven that had recently been turned off.

I examined the object for a moment trying to see if I could make out any markings on it. After a few minutes I decided that it looked safe enough and crept a little closer. As I peered down on the object I noticed that the shiney metal seemed to be moving. It was strange, it was like the metal was liquid but maintained the form of this sphere, I was hypnotized by the swirling of the substance that composed this sphere and wanted to know if the outside was hard as well or if I touched it did it all fall to pieces. I pulled my gaze away from the object and thought better about touching it with my hands, I was afraid that there may be something microscopic that would harm me. Instead I reached over and grabbed a small stick that was next to me and tried to give it a poke, it was like when I was a kid and used to poke the frogs that had died in the dried up lakes. The outer surface was solid but I noticed that the shiney seemed to go a little dull in the area that I poked it.

Curiosity took the better of me and I leaned closer to take a look. Thoughts of the old sci-fi horror movies that my mom used to watch were going through my head but whatever this was it was fascinating. I finally reached a point where curiosity outweighed safety and I  picked it up and examined it some more. The warmth was almost gone now but it didn’t feel like metal, it felt more like a rubberized surface but with a little less give to it, almost like those rubber balls you find in the big market stores. I rolled it around in my hands and noticed that there were no seams on it at all, just a small hole about the size of my finger.

I took out my pen light that I had in my pocket and looked down the hole, I couldn’t see anything, it was like the light got absorbed into the hole. “Fascinating” I said out loud. I decided that any good scientist would put his finger in that hole and damn the consequences, so I did.

At first nothing happened, I put my finger in the hole and just moved it around. “It feels like nothing”, I said to myself.

I have a habit of saying things out loud when no one is around.

I moved my finger around and then tried to pull it out of the hole but it wouldn’t budge. “Great, I’m stuck” I said, as I tucked the sphere under my arm and tugged as hard as I could. I looked at the sphere for a moment to see if there was something that I was missing.

After a few seconds of looking around  at the sphere and trying to figure out how to get my finger out of the hole, the sphere started humming. Panic started building again and I could feel the sphere getting warmer. Then it slowly started melting and crawled down my arm toward my shoulder. I waved my arm around and started running in circles in the field. It reached the side of my neck and moved up to the back of my head and in an instant I couldn’t move. I was frozen in the middle of the field. I could feel the substance moving around my body, covering every inch. I was still able to move my eyes around and could barely see out of the corner of my eye as it covered my left shoulder.

As I felt it cover the rest of my body I noticed a small voice. I was looking around thinking it was my dad but I couldn’t see anyone.

“Please stay calm, I will not hurt you” the voice said. I could hear it in my head now. Like a voice radiating through my skull.

“Please remain calm, this will not take long” the voice said again.

His tone was calming but I couldn’t help but panic, I was breathing heavy and I could hear my heart beating all throughout my body.

“If you continue at this pace I will be forced to shut you down momentarily, for your own protection” the voiced said.

This made me panic even more, My body started tingling and I was trying to move but couldn’t. I wanted to yell but I could not get my mouth to work or any sound to come out. My breathing was very rapid now and I didn’t know what to do.

“Biological shutdown in 3, 2….”.